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By Baxter

Much like FoxNews and their token liberals, the stridently anti-Second Amendment Huffington Post will occasionally publish pieces from time to time by a “gun guy.” That is literally, that is how Mike Weisser self identifies to the world via his blog and his description at the HuffPo. He confidently claims that “I know as much about guns and hunting as anyone“ which is good if you are say an antigun HuffPo reader looking for an appeal to authority to include in a heated discussion on Facebook. However……it seems like an unsubstantiated statement. We shall circle back to that later. He also claims that guns are his “only hobby” which given the volume of his blog posts and articles seems misleading. Gun control is his only hobby.

Weisser’s blog entries are not works of statistical analysis such as, the truly enlightening and well researched work of AmidstTheNoise on YouTube but rather they follow a constant drumbeat of the following:

  • Assault rifles are bad. No hunter needs them. Hunting is what rifles are good for. (Pay no mind to the troublesome fact that bolt action and lever action rifles were …read more

    Source:: Gun Nuts Media

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