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By Alex Madajian

Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Mike Lee for U.S. Senate.
His next election is on June 28th, and he needs your help. Mike Lee is a true fighter for the American people in Washington, D.C. He is just the kind of principled, pro-Second Amendment advocate we need.

Mike Lee earned GOA’s support because he opposes any new gun control laws and will work to roll back unconstitutional gun laws already on the books. He agrees with the Founding Fathers that the Second Amendment is a safeguard of freedom and liberty.
One example of Mike Lee’s principles is his vocal opposition to “red flag” gun confiscation laws. In the ongoing gun control talks, he has been holding powerful anti-gun members of his own party accountable by demanding they show proof they will not include “red flag” gun confiscation language.
He also opposed the radical anti-gun Attorney General, Merrick Harland, who is a huge proponent of “red flag” gun confiscation orders.
Mike Lee understands we don’t need politicians or government bureaucrats to control every aspect of our lives, including our ability to protect ourselves and our families. He has and will stand up for our gun rights against those bent on destroying the Second

Source: Gun Owners of America

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