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By Beth Baumann

Source: MLive
Source: MLive

A Michigan school board has made a controversial decision: Kalamazoo’s Public School’s Board of Education voted unanimously to ban all firearms from “school-affiliated property.” The vote applies to after-school functions and prohibits students, staff and visitors from carrying a firearm, even if they possess a concealed carry permit. The only exception to the role are law enforcement officers.

If someone is caught in possession of a firearm on school property, they will be reported to local law enforcement. Back in December, the Michigan Court of Appeals determined school districts are well within their rights to create their own firearms policies.

Activism groups including Coalition for Common Ground, Progressive Kalamazoo and Moms Demand Action brought its members out in full force Thursday to support the board’s decision. The board received nine letters in support of the weapon-free policy and elicited almost a dozen speakers during the meeting’s public comment period (via Upper Michigan’s Source).

Some community members made comments in front of the board:

“It’s horrible to have to be in a public school situation where you’re trying to keep your kids safe and teach them things and have to figure out who …Read the Rest

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