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By Sara Tipton

shooting gal

I’m often asked why I focus on “women and guns” rather than “people with guns.” It isn’t because I’m a feminist, as some suggest or that I’m not interested in “men’s things.” I’m neither a feminist nor a misandrist. I’m a realist. The biological reality: women are different than men. Our bodies are different, and not just in the obvious ways. Because of our hormonal system, we often have different emotional reactions to the exact same stimuli . . .

In the face of extreme danger, many women feel scared and want to flee. Many men tend to want to buck-up and fight. Again, this isn’t an “every woman and every man” deal. An attacker laboring under the impression that Momma Bear will turn tail and run may face a rude surprise. And there’s nothing “unmanly” about fleeing from avoidable danger. But these “stereotypes” are there for a reason.

Setting aside the debate over nurture vs. nature, the bio-chemical differences between men and women lead them to mentally process stimuli in different ways. When I was pregnant, the diaper commercial where the baby reached for her mom made me sob. My husband, not so much. He likes violent movies, the more gore …Read the Rest

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