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By Tom Knighton

I’ve long believed that an armed woman is a truly empowered woman.

After all, when you look at all the horrors that can be visited upon a woman, those magically disappear when you place a firearm in her hands. The worst she’ll face then are some unkind words, and everyone has to deal with those.

Yet for years, guns were a man’s world. Not because we didn’t want the ladies to join us but because there was little interest among the fairer sex at the time.

Those times have changed, and now the media is starting to notice.

Entrepreneur and fashion designer Anna Taylor is trying to bring back the corset — not to revive Victorian lingerie but to give women a place to carry their handguns.

“I don’t know that the corset’s ever been out of fashion, but it’s never been so useful,” Taylor said in Las Vegas at this year’s SHOT Show, the largest trade show for the firearms industry.

After overlooking the women’s market for years, the firearms industry now sees women as the drivers of growth. Gun sales have declined since peaking in 2016, with companies like Remington Outdoor Company Inc going through bankruptcy reorganization last year, but the …Read the Rest

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