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By Zeke Y

GOA is Meeting with Senate Offices
“Gun Owners of America mounted a swift, strong opposition to both the House bill and Senate framework.” Open Secrets, June 14, 2022
“It’s a sign of just how hard it will be for Republicans to hold on to the support they have and expand it, as outside groups like Gun Owners of America and others whip up supporters against the framework.” CNN, June 13, 2022
GOA staff are meeting with Senate offices and working to get Senators to oppose the bipartisan gun deal.
GOA Senior Vice President Erich Pratt (left) and Director of Federal Affairs Aidan Johnston (right) have been whipping up opposition to gun control bills at multiple widely attended events on Capitol Hill.
While we’re working on Capitol Hill to destroy this gun control nightmare, we need GOA members like YOU to keep hammering your Senators with letters.
But we’ve decided to change up our grassroots strategy to maximize its effectiveness.
We’re now going to send separate letters to Republicans and Democrats.
So, if you’re in an anti-gun state with two Democrat Senators and worried that the message in your pro-gun letter will fall on deaf ears, you still have a key role to play in alerting the Senate.
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Source: Gun Owners of America

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