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By Chris Eger

Developed from a 2017 requirement by SOCOM for a compact personal defense weapon, Minnesota-based Maxim Defense had their all-new PDX at SHOT Show last week.
The PDX had its origin in a PDW project for Tier 1 operators which specified a gun that, above all, was extremely compact for close quarter encounters– but still able to fire 5.56mm rounds. Crafted with that use in mind, Maxim’s end result was a gun that is as sweet as it gets– just 18.75-inches long overall with a 5.5-inch barrel that ends in a Hatebrake muzzle booster while the collapsable stock is Maxim’s in-house SCW stock system.
Chambered in either 5.56mm NATO or 7.62x39mm, the gun includes an ALG Defense Combat Trigger and tips the scales at 5.75-pounds. (Photos: Chris Eger/
Available in both “arid” or black schemes, the PDX includes an integrated BCG with interchangeable buffer weights to maximize performance.

MSRP is $1,995 in both SBR and pistol formats, with the SCW system or Maxim’s CQB pistol arm brace, respectively.

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