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By Tom Knighton

From the moment the Trump Administration dropped their case against Defense Distributed, the anti-gunners have been beyond themselves about the idea of “untraceable” guns. Nevermind that the weapons have been around for years now and the crime rate has continued to fall. Clearly, they’re not that big of a problem.

But Maryland doesn’t want to look at facts, they want to deal with fears and feelings. As a result, they’re looking to ban these so-called “untraceable” firearms.

With just weeks until the General Assembly returns to Annapolis on Jan. 9, the new Democratic state House Majority Leader is looking to continue the progress made last session on gun violence prevention by banning 3D and ghost guns in the state.

House Majority Leader Kathleen Dumais, D-Montgomery, said she will be introducing a bill banning the possession of 3D-printed guns — plastic guns capable of shooting live ammunition and made in a 3D printer — and ghost guns — nearly complete and without serial numbers — in Maryland.

Federal law already prohibits the creation of untraceable guns.

Dumais said her bill would provide legislative support to the legal actions already taken by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.

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