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By Bob Owens

women buying guns

The fastest growing demographics in gun ownership are young, urban, and female, a fact that is having a substantial effect on firearm manufacturers, retailers, and ranges alike.

Ask a woman what she has in her purse, and you’ll get a mixed bag of answers.

A growing number of women will tell you they are packing heat.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation says there’s been a 77 percent increase in female gun ownership since 2005. More women are also taking an interest in concealed carry classes.

Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit opened last February and has a number of classes for just women.

KCTV5 News sat in on one of these classes. Front and center was Jamie Gleim of Raymore and her mother, Leesa Dawson, taking the course together.

Gleim says she signed up for protection. Her husband is in the military and she wants to feel safe when she’s home alone with their 3- and 5-year-old daughters.

“My husband travels a lot,” says Gleim. “I’m home alone a lot with a Yorkie and she wouldn’t hurt anybody. So, I wanted to feel safe.”

She admits she was slow to warm up to the idea. She decided to take the class after her husband wanted to keep …Read the Rest

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