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By Brandon Curtis

LARGO, FLORIDA — A 42-year-old woman found herself face-to-face with a violent home intruder early Tuesday morning, so violent that he was willing to take a stab at a pregnant woman.

The woman woke up to a noise near her bathroom and when she saw a man inside her home, she took off to the kitchen in an apparent attempt to get away. The suspect chased after her and grabbed a knife from the kitchen, knocking her to the ground and proceeding to slash at her face and neck.

The woman’s father heard the noise and ran into the kitchen, jumping on the back of the suspect. Before leaving, the suspect punched the woman in the face.

The suspect then fled and was later apprehended by police. The woman was sent to the hospital for treatment and her father was not injured.

Had her father not been aware of what was happening –or not there at all–, the outcome to this horrible encounter could have been much worse.

It’s all debatable, but how could this interaction have been stopped before the knife was introduced by the bad guy? I’ll tell you: a gun in the hands of the woman.

Whether a gun was in …Read the Rest

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