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By Brandon Curtis

NEW PORT RICKEY, FLORIDA — A worker in a restaurant kitchen shot a man who came into the business and started beating him. That man was injured by the shot, and arrested by police for burglary and simple assault.


Vince Edward Angelety, 29, of New Port Richey entered the restaurant and began battering one of the employees, who yelled for the other to call police.

The man who was getting beaten tried to leave, but Angelety followed and “began to reach in his pockets and then attempted to grab the employee,” the news release said.

When Angelety began to reach into his pocket, that’s when the employee being attacked reached into his own pocket and pulled out his firearm.

When police arrived, the employee was standing over Angelety. He produced a valid concealed carry permit and will not be facing any charges.

No one at the restaurant knew Angelety.

A seemingly random attack, or burglary gone wrong, you just never know when the bad guy is going to come knocking on your door and ruining your day. Be armed, always. Luckily, this employee was carrying at work and prepared for such a situation.

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