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By Brandon Curtis

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — In a bizarre story, a man was sitting on his boat near Seattle and began firing his gun around 8:30pm on Saturday.

From CNN;

Police received calls about a man firing shots from a boat in Eagle Harbor onto the shore, he said. Officers originally thought someone was setting off fireworks, but callers began describing the type of gun the man was using, Hamner said.

Officials cleared the area and approached the subject around 1 a.m. As they neared, the man raised his gun toward officers and they shot and killed him, Hamner said.

At one point during the shooting, the man was said to be naked. We could go out on a limb and say that alcohol and/or drugs played a role in this man’s actions and ultimate death, but it’s not certain just what was going on that night.

Why a man would be firing his gun from his boat is anyone’s guess, but it seems to me that he was not fully in control of his mental status.

A video was taken by a reporter who happened to be eating dinner nearby. She recorded the sound of multiple gun shots in just a few seconds.

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Source:: Concealed Nation

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