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Lawyers representing a convicted co-conspirator in the deadly Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people some 20 years ago is asking federal authorities to return his guns.

The Guardian reported Terry Nichols’ attorneys on Thursday requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation turn over the convict’s guns to his family so they can be sold to help support his adult children.

Nichols reportedly owned a gun show business and had his firearms seized after the 1995 bombing, which in addition to the civilian casualties also claimed eight federal agents. The 60-year-old convict in July petitioned the court, claiming his business had nothing to do with the bombing, the British newspaper reported.

“[The] firearms had nothing to do with the Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing, none were used in the bombing, nor was the bomb set off by any type of firearm,” Nichols wrote in a handwritten letter.

Federal prosecutors admitted in a report filed earlier this week that the FBI still has 13 of Nichols’ guns and they’re open to a dialogue about returning them, the Associated Press reported.

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