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By Tom Knighton

Guns have to be shipped somehow. Whether the gun grabbers like it or not, they’re legal to sell and since not every town can have a factory churning out the latest and greatest firearms, that means they need to be transported somehow.

UPS is a popular choice for that purpose.

However, a group of men in Tennessee decided they had a better idea of where guns being shipped needed to end up.

One of the men wanted by police after 12 guns were stolen from a local UPS facility has been taken into custody.

According to authorities, Christopher Brown and several other men were caught on camera breaking into a locked tractor trailer at the East Holmes Road location. They reportedly loaded a dozen firearms into a private vehicle and then fled the scene.

Brown promptly admitted his involvement and even told police where they could find one of the stolen firearms.

Whether he also told them who else was involved in the crime remains to be seen.

This story is interesting if for no other reason than the fact that while some anti-gun zealots try to present legislation requiring firearms to be kept locked away as somehow preventing crime, these guns were in …Read the Rest

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