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Fort Thomas Police have arrested 57-year-old Ricky Lovins of Alexandria, KY after they say he broke into a Churchill apartment building early Thursday morning. Lovins faces a burglary charge after using a screwdriver to enter the building, disabling the alarm system, raiding an elderly couples apartment and then fleeing after the 89-year-old man living there threatened to get his gun. “He was in the bedroom and we were in bed,” the victim Calvin Hutchens said. “When I woke up I said ‘I’ll get my gun’ and he took off.” The retired postal workers message was received loud and clear as Lovins ran out the door and left several items behind. “Thank God nothing happened to this elderly couple that could have been injured or killed during this process,” Lt. Rich Whitford of the Fort Thomas Police Department said. Police said Lovins created a disturbance at a local Applebee’s before a medical issue required his transport to a nearby hospital. There police say he ripped out his IV and left after not being given certain drugs. From there, Lovins entered Hutchens’ apartment and eventually ended up at the Starbucks down the street before police arrested him. Fort Thomas police said that …Read the Rest

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