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By John Falkenberg

LAS VEGAS, NV — In a one of the stranger instances of home defense we have yet reported, a neighbor was shot and killed after he broke into a resident’s house with a knife — and the resident had never met the neighbor before in his life.

Normally, when there’s a home invasion, the invaders are after one (or both) of two things — they are after property, or they are seeking to do harm to the occupants of the home.

Very rarely do people — even criminals — look to murder a total stranger in their home for no discernible reason.

But that seems to have been the intent of the neighbor who invaded the local resident’s home.

As KXNT reports:

The resident called 911 and reported the victim, who he believed to be his neighbor, came into his apartment with a knife while the resident was in bed, McGrath said.

The resident fired one shot, hitting the victim in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

(Las Vegas Metro Police Lt. Dan) McGrath said a knife was found and the resident did not have a criminal record.”

The investigation has yet to …Read the Rest

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