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By Van Harl

Cudahy-Tyler Bowie Knife Restored
Cudahy-Tyler Bowie Knife all Restored

USA – -( “Hoarder,” I am not one, but sometimes I can come awfully close. I built a 50′ x 60′ pole barn on my farm five years ago, and at the time, it seemed so large. Now it is stuffed with “stuff.”

Garage sales and estate sales are my personal downfall. Somehow I cannot resist stopping and looking for one more treasure.

A few months back, I was at an estate sale in the town of Cudahy, Wisconsin. You may have heard of Patrick Cudahy bacon, the official bacon of the Green Bay Packers, well it comes from Cudahy WI. At this particular estate sale, I only found some rather poor quality hand tools and nothing I wanted to put any time and effort into making serviceable.

As I was examining a steel box full of nuts and bolts (which I acquired and spent hours sorting), when I spotted a monstrosity of a home-made Bowie knife. It was incredibly, crudely made and had pieces of metal welded to the tang to function as a very “fat” handle. Someone, it would appear, was trying to chop up chain length fences with the knife and had created large …Read the Rest

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