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By Don Summers

What do you get when a custom chopper designer turned gunsmith meets a London street punk turned fine furniture maker? An exquisite custom gun that is a true work of art and a showcase worthy of a president.
When famous motorcycle designer Jesse James set out to make his friend, Donald Trump, a pistol to commemorate his presidential election victory, he wanted a gun case that matched the gun’s beauty and craftsmanship. Through his network, James found Philip Morley to create the perfect display case for the Trump 1911, a custom-built .45 ACP gun for the 45th President of the United States.
Morley founded Philip Morley Furniture as a “prototype” shop to focuse on unique, stand-alone pieces in Wimberley, Texas in 2014. “The reason I call it a prototype shop is because everything I do, for the most part, is one of a kind. I really specialize in the craft of furniture making, so kind of the artistry of it,” Morley told
Yet, one of the first pieces he was commissioned to make stateside was a gun case, which he found funny because he had just moved from London, England where guns are heavily regulated. “It was a guy in Texas. He


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