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Precision Reloading just announced a big promotion for Hornady products. Along with 12% off ALL in-stock Hornady tools and reloading components, you can save 15% off Hornady A-Tip Bullets, which are a great choice for PRS/NRL competition. A-Tips have been used by recent PRS Champs. If you shoot ELR, Precision Reloading also has the modern 7mm PRC and 300 PRC ELD Match ammunition on sale. These cartridge types deliver impressive velocities with high-BC tipped bullets.

And hand-loaders can now save a full $100 on a full reloading combo kit including Hornady’s strong, open-front L-N-L Iron press. This unique, pyramid-shaped press offers great front access, plus tool storage on top. We’ve used this press extensively for full-length sizing chores and it performed very well. The combo kit includes an electronic scale, deluxe powder measure, digital calipers, die bushings, comparators, priming system and much more. This is a very complete kit.

In addition, the excellent Hornady Auto-Charge Pro electronic powder dispenser is discounted $77. This unit is quite accurate, and with its overhead control panel, it occupies less space on a reloading bench.

Source: Accurate Shooter

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