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By Tré Goins-Phillips

In the days following the deadly Orlando terrorist attack, many have speculated on the circumstances that lead to such a horrific event occurring.

According to one man who attended a vigil for Orlando victims in Greenwich Village in New York City earlier this week, the “culture” surrounding Donald Trump and his supporters is to blame for the Sunday massacre that left 49 dead and 53 others injured.

“[The attack stemmed from] a particular type of culture that is being brought up right now by, for example, the most prominent and visible, Donald Trump supporters,” the man told TheBlaze.

He said the attack was also the result of the “absolute disgust and loathing for anything other than one’s selfishness” and “easy access to guns.” Many at the rally seemed to agree that access to firearms, followed by homophobia, was the leading reason behind the attack.

One woman said the attack happened because of “easy access to weapons of war” and was motivated by “hate.”

“It’s definitely a combination of a lack of gun control and just so much hate for the LGBT community,” another woman told TheBlaze. “I would not blame Islam for this.”

“Islam is a religion of peace, even though …Read the Rest

Source:: The Blaze

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