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By Jacki Billings

Sometimes a pandemic pushes you in a direction you didn’t expect. Read on to find out how. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
With the National Shooting Sports Foundation reporting millions of new gun owners flooding gun stores to make their first buys, I wanted some perspective on what would make a former gun control activist suddenly pro-2A. I headed to Instagram, asking my followers to help me track down new gun owners who might be willing to talk. Later that day, I received the following email from a reader who wished to remain anonymous. 
The letter has been edited for conciseness and clarity, but, at its core, begs the question: left or right, what would you do to protect your family amid a crisis?
“Hi Jacki,
I saw your prompt on Instagram and I thought I’d write in a perspective that might be unique.
I grew up in New York, about 40 minutes away from New York City, as a second-generation Korean American in a largely white community. As you are likely well-aware, New York has some of the most restrictive laws against firearm ownership, and no one I knew personally owned guns or shotguns. I had a neighbor who would shoot off guns sometimes on his property,


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