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By Tom Knighton

The idea that a letter to the editor in San Francisco would back gun control isn’t particularly surprising. They live in a completely different world over there, from what I can tell.

However, one letter to the editor hit on what they thought was a brilliant way to undermine the NRA. Get police officers to back gun control!

Faced with gun violence, police officers are on the front line, so why aren’t the police officers’ associations also on the front line in getting guns off the streets? It’s easy for the National Rifle Association to gain support by dismissing their antagonists as liberal hippies or chastising people like James Brady, former Rep. Gabby Giffords and David Hogg as deluded survivors. They would have a much harder time trying to marginalize police officers. Police rightly expect sympathy when one of their own is killed, yet they don’t seem to do much to try to prevent it.

Wow. What a suggestion.

So, why aren’t the police out on the front line of “getting guns off the streets,” as the letter suggests? I mean, this is brilliant! Why not get the police to try and push more and more gun control. People paid by …Read the Rest

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