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By Grace Stevens

Hey Ted, conceal and open carry are state laws that I have jurisdiction over. If you’re really interested in helping curb gun violence, I’d welcome you to join our next police academy class.
— Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (@GovMLG) September 10, 2023

“I have emergency powers,” Grisham told The New York Times. “Gun violence is an epidemic. Therefore, it’s an emergency.” During the press conference, she also indicated that she probably would extend the order, which she said would be lifted only if “the epidemic” of gun violence ended after 30 days, adding, “I bet it’s not over in 30 days.”
Historically, George Mason law professor Robert Leider told the Times, orders like this one have been issued “when you have public disorders or other states of emergency, but most states of emergency usually involve something more acute.” Leider was skeptical that the ban would be upheld in court, saying, “I’m not aware of any precedent

Source: The Truth About Guns

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