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By Rob Morse

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By Rob Morse : Opinion

Lessons from the Attempted Murder of Republican Politicians 2017
Slow Facts

Slow Facts

USA –-( Republican politicians were attacked by a Democrat with a rifle. There is a lot they can learn. It is a valuable lesson for them, for their staff, and for us.

  • Public figures are targets of violence. Sadly, so are the rest of us. You’re more likely to be a victim of violent crime if you’re a poor person living in DC than if you’re a congressman. It sucks to be us.
  • A good man and woman with handguns stopped a murderer with a rifle. Now we know what a “good person with a gun can do against an armed attacker”. They can stop mass murder. Told ya’ so.
  • The only reason the armed security detail was on scene was because senior political officials were there. Ordinary congressmen are not given armed security details. Staff are not protected either. The politicians and staff were lucky. It could have been a bloodbath. Ordinary citizens have to provide their own security.
  • You will be disarmed if you work in, or …Read the Rest

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