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By Bob Owens

Mrgunsngear Channel has composed some lessons he learned from watching the Paris terror attacks last Friday, and compiled them into the video above.

There are a number of things I’ve taken away from the Paris attacks as well.

1. The “Run-Hide-Fight” model pushed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security is becoming outdated.

I respect the work that went into building the “Run-Hide-Fight model adopted by schools and companies around the nation, but it seems to have the limitation of being designed for a single incident and single attacker scenario. It also assumes the defender, and that a timely law enforcement response will result in multiple officers swarming the scene within minutes of an attack beginning. Unfortunately, that model, relying upon external resources swooping in to resolve the situation, only works with single incident/single offender situations where the weight of numbers and time is on the side of the authorities.

While the “Run” and “Hide” components are still as tactically sound as they’ve ever been, the “Fight” part of the equation is outdated, and assumes that the defends can or should only be armed with improvised weapons.

There are roughly 13 million concealed carriers …Read the Rest

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