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By Philip Van Cleave

Political Podium


Legislative Update: Last Gun-Control Bill In the 2019 VA General Assembly Is Gone!

Virginia – -( Your emails and phone calls paid off – SB 1321, Senator Hanger’s bill that would have banned a provider of Licensed Day Home from having a firearm on their person for self-defense, was DEFEATED in the Militia, Police and Public Safety subcommittee #1 by a 6 to 0 vote! That was it for bad bills this year.

That same subcommittee passed out 2 pro-gun bills and so did the full committee earlier today:

  • SB 1012, Senator Chase, allows fire and EMS personnel to carry for self-defense. Passed subcommittee by a 4 to 2 vote and full committee by an 11 to 10 vote.
  • SB 1179, Senator Stuart, allows members of the military who are domiciled in Virginia, but stationed out-of-state, to be able to apply for a resident CHP in the county where they are domiciled. Passed subcommittee by a 6 to 0 vote and full committee by an 18 to 1 vote.


  • HB 1656, Delegate Cole, private and religious schools can have armed security officers. On Governor’s desk.
  • HB 2253, Delegate Pogge, requires State Police to process non-resident CHPs in 90 days. In …Read the Rest

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