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By Ammoland

Standard Capacity Magazines Ban

Editors Note: New Jersey readers if you had not turned in all your standard gun magazines, that hold more than ten (10) rounds, by December 10, 2018, the state of New Jersey has made you a felon. You are now a criminal under the law.

New Jersey’s Standard Capacity Magazine Ban

New Jersey – -( Gun rights attorney and Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs board member Evan Nappen, Esq. has issued legal guidance on how to handle potential efforts by police to enforce the Murphy magazine ban.

Entitled “Knock! Knock! Show Us Your Glock,” the insightful guide by Nappen covers what to expect and how to protect yourself if the unthinkable happens. Click here to view the guide online. Please share this link far and wide among gun owners.

In the meanwhile, Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is gearing up for further appeal of the legal challenge against the Murphy mag ban. Please watch for upcoming alerts on the litigation as it continues.

Knock! Knock! – Show Us Your Glock

What to Expect & How to Protect Yourself from the Murphy Magazine Ban
By Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law

The Murphy Magazine Ban WILL be enforced. It is only …Read the Rest

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