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By Gregory Smith

If gun ownership was a sexual orientation, San Francisco would protected. Sadly, High Bridge Arms stands alone.

High Bridge Arms, a gun shop in San Francisco, California, is located in a white stucco building on Mission Street, in the upscale neighborhood of Bernal Heights. There is a stunning park nearby, with massive red cliffs overlooking the city, and for the medically inclined, a marijuana dispensary down the street.

The store, which has operated quietly for decades, recently made the news when a city supervisor proposed a new set of requirements for firearms dealers in response to a series of violent crimes. The proposal mandates that city gun shops film all transactions and, on a weekly basis, send sales data to the San Francisco police. Blowback is not expected from the city’s firearms merchants. There is only one — High Bridge Arms — and it already follows many of these rules on its own.

“We already have 24/7 surveillance in and out of the building,” says Steve Alcairo, 41, the shop’s longtime general manager, referring to the proposals. He’s an easygoing man of Filipino descent, and he has no problem with regulations. “The ATF and the San Francisco Police Department can already walk …read more

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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