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By Jordan Stein

Urge the GOP to Censure Mitch McConnell
Urge your local GOP to pass a resolution to censure Senator Mitch McConnell for working with anti-gun Democrats to pass gun control.
Dear friend,
Gun owners have not forgotten the treacherous backstabbing from Senator Mitch McConnell when he happily joined with radical anti-gun Democrats to pass one of the most damaging gun control bills in decades.
The misnamed “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” is a nasty gun control bill that includes a bribe pot for Red Flag gun confiscation laws, a backdoor for Universal Background Registration Checks, and delays/denials for young adults.
As the top Republican in the Senate, McConnell could have worked to stop the bill either by adding pro-gun “poison pill” amendments to kill the bill, or at a minimum, pressure other weak Republican Senators to vote against it.
Instead, he not only greenlighted negotiations on the bill with Senate and anti-gunners, but he also joined fourteen other turncoat Republican Senators in voting for it.
Because McConnell is the most powerful Republican in the Senate, he is largely to blame for this gun control bill passing.
He must be held accountable.
And Republicans in Jessamine County have already stepped up by censuring McConnell.
However, we need every county party in the Commonwealth to do

Source: Gun Owners of America

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