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By Robert Farago

Cedric Ford (courtesy Harvey County Sheriff)

“Authorities on Friday were investigating whether the man who opened fire on co-workers at a Hesston, Kansas, industrial plant used guns purchased through a third party and not at a licensed gun dealer because his criminal background prevented him from buying guns legally, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News.” We now know that . . .

Mr. Ford got his AK-47-type semi-automatic rifle (still not specified) and a Glock Model 22 40-caliber handgun from his girlfriend,who bought them legally. (She claims she tried to recover them when they split-up.) Bottom line: the background check system failed.

The antis will no doubt claim an improved background check system would have prevented Ford from tooling-up. In Washington State, for example, Mr. Ford would have been legally obliged to undergo a background check when Sarah Hopkins “transferred” her guns to Mr. Ford.

Is there anyone who seriously believes that Mr. Ford, an eventual spree killer, would have subjected himself to that process? Or that he couldn’t have obtained his firearms by some other extra-legal means?

And yet, after every high-profile mass shooting. the antis and their mainstream media enablers always want to know where’d the bad guy …Read the Rest

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