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By Tom Knighton

American colleges are supposed to be about educating young people so they can venture out into the world and take their place among the rest of us, the realm of gainful employment and soul-crushing debt. It’s the natural order of things, after all.

Of course, it didn’t use to be. College used to be more affordable. It also used to be primarily about educating people back then, too.

These days, it seems like colleges are more about pushing ideology than education, though. To make matters worse, though, a Kansas Democrat has filed a bill to allow colleges to use taxpayer money to lobby for gun control.

A Democrat lawmaker in Kansas has filed a bill that would allow for the use of “state appropriated moneys to lobby on gun control issues.”

State Rep. Brandon Woodard filed Kansas House Bill 2036 Wednesday, which he said on his Facebook page would “repeal the ‘gag order’ that restricts university leaders from advocating on gun safety issues.”

But university leaders in Kansas are already allowed to advocate for gun safety issues. Woodard’s bill would repeal an existing state statute that restricts money appropriated by the state legislature from …Read the Rest

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