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By Doug Ritter

Knife Rights is the ONE getting it DONE™ We are Rewriting Knife Law in America™

10 Years Ago WSJ Article Ignited Knife Owners’ Civil Rights Movement
Knife Rights is The ONE Getting It DONE™

Gilbert, AZ –-( – Knife Rights was
born ten years ago today after Knife Rights Founder and Chairman Doug Ritter read an outrageous and highly inflammatory article headlining the Wall Street Journal, entitled “How New, Deadly Pocketknives Became a $1 Billion Business” demonizing so-called “tactical knives.” A discredit to the Journal, the overwrought and sensationalist article was filled with distortions, misrepresentations, innuendo, outright lies and cherry-picked quotes pushing a transparent rabid anti-weapon and anti-freedom agenda. But, the story didn’t quite spark the anti-knife response the reporter probably hoped for — in fact, it had precisely the opposite effect.

July 25, 20006 WSJ ArticleReading that article I became incensed at the blatant, misguided attack on our everyday tools. I realized that there was no NRA for knife owners. There was no aggressive, proactive organization working to stop the U.S. from sinking into the anti-knife, anti-freedom pit that already exists in Europe and the U.K.

That article ignited a new civil rights movement. Over the past decade Knife Rights has literally …Read the Rest

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