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By Daniel Terrill

Killer Innovation co-owner and president Rick Olsen holding a Glock pistol equipped with customized parts during TriggrCon 2018 in Bellevue, Washington. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
Tumwater-based machine shop Killer Innovation put on display their technical prowess at the 2018 TriggrCon show in Bellevue, Washington last month. Co-owner and company president Rick Olsen said if attendees took away anything from visiting his booth, it would be that. “‘Killer Innovation,’” he said. “That’s all we do.”
“My whole thing with any product we design is I want to make it better than anything else that’s on the market. I want to make it look good. And I want it to be just a little bit less expensive,” Olsen said. “If I can’t hit that criteria, I’m not going to build it.”
He explained that his company looks for new ways to solve old problems. Killer Innovation makes an assortment of gun parts including rifle chassis, pistol barrels, triggers, mag wells, base pads and thread protectors. But at the show, they highlighted their Glock barrel and a new accompanying muzzle brake.
The items stand out because of their craftsmanship, Olsen continued. To rifle the barrel, Killer Innovation used a process called “single-point cut,” which is typically reserved for


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