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By Tom Knighton

If someone is a responsible gun owner and concealed carrier in one place, why are they a criminal if they move, say, two feet to their right?

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? You’re no more of a danger than you were two feet prior, now were you? Yet that’s the way the laws read in most states. You’re fine so long as you’re carrying on that side of a property line.

In Kentucky, one lawmaker seeks to change all of that.

Hours before Kentucky lawmakers presented bipartisan school safety legislation, a House Republican filed a bill that would let people carry guns into schools.

House Bill 30, filed by Rep. Robert Goforth, of East Bernstadt, would scrap most location restrictions for persons with a concealed deadly weapon license, meaning that guns could legally be carried into day care centers and elementary schools, as well as onto college campuses.

The bill would also abolish restrictions preventing people with concealed carry licenses from bringing guns into bars and other private businesses. Those with licenses would also be able to bring concealed weapons into meetings of the General Assembly.

“I’m trying to protect the public,” Goforth told the Courier Journal on Wednesday.

Goforth said his …Read the Rest

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