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By Laura Burgess

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KJ&A, an outdoor sales rep group, will provide sales and marketing expertise to Ramcat within the archery market.

RAMCAT Broadheads

Morrisville, N.C. ( Jefferies & Associates, LLC, a leading manufacturer’s representation and marketing firm within the outdoor and shooting sports markets, is proud to announce that Ramcat Broadheads, a division of Fulton Precision Archery, has brought KJ&A onboard to provide its expert sales and marketing services to Ramcat.


Ramcat Broadheads revolutionized bow hunting by bringing the first blade over shaft broadheads onto the market. It all started when owner and president, Brett Fulton, an avid bow hunter for over 42 years, couldn’t get the accuracy he demanded out of fixed blade broadheads and none of the mechanicals on the market met his expectations; Fulton had the thought “I can do better” and then developed his own. The mechanical created by Fulton flew as accurately with blades open as it did when closed. The fixed blade broadhead Ramcat was born. Since 2010, Ramcat has actively developed new broadheads that set the bar for innovation and extreme accuracy, such as the Hydroshock chisel tip or Crossbow Magazine’s 5-Star Approved fixed blade …Read the Rest

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