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By Gregory Smith

Kathy Griffin is no friend of ours, she’s anti-gun to the core. Now that she’s being judged in the court of public opinion for beheading Donald Trump in a fake photo, it would be very easy to cast the proverbial first stone.

But I won’t, I will defend her First Amendment rights just like I defend Pastor Terry Jones, the Quran-burning pastor, who also burned Obama and Hillary in effigy. I don’t have to like the speech to defend the speaker, just like the ACLU doesn’t have to like Nazis to defend their right to speak.

Just like having a gun doesn’t make you a mass murderer, fake pictures of you beheading someone doesn’t mean you have beheaded someone, or want to behead someone, or are encouraging others to behead someone. If she had tweeted, “Kill John Doe” then that warrants an investigation, although it is unlikely it will result in an arrest.

If I dress like a confederate general for a black and white picture, that’s not stolen valor, or a declaration of war against the USA. That’s just play acting, fantasy, there are also World War II reenactors who …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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