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By The Wichita Eagle

Sixteen-year-old Clayton Brummer wasted no time shooting this giant non-typical buck when it stepped from standing corn at 30 yards on Sept. 8. Initial measurements place the buck’s gross score at more than 230 inches.

Clayton Brummer may only be 16, but he knew enough to not let a world-class non-typical buck get away on Sept. 8.

“When he stepped out of the corn, he gave me ‘the look,’ the one that tells you he’s seen you and he’s getting ready to run,” said Brummer, 16, of St. John. “I’ve hunted enough to know I only had time to hurry up and shoot.”

Earlier in the season, Brummer was hunting with his father, Darin, and had seen a huge non-typical buck in the milo. That time, the buck was well within rifle range, but with only its neck and head showing.

“Dad told me not to shoot, that we needed to wait for another day because we couldn’t see much of the buck,” said Brummer. “I’m not sure that’s what I wanted to do, but it was the right thing to do. My dad was right.”

Listening to his father is turning young Brummer in to an accomplished trophy hunter beyond his age.

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