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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Kansas Electronic Deer Hunting Check-In Website
Kansas Electronic Deer Hunting Check-In Website

PRATT, Kan. -( Deer hunters have been anxiously awaiting the Kansas firearm deer season, Nov. 29-Dec. 10, 2017, making travel plans, organizing gear, scouting hunting areas and sighting in their rifles.

While success is never guaranteed, you should also make plans for field care of your deer to ensure you and your family enjoy healthy and delicious venison long after the hunt.

Field dressing your deer as soon as possible is the first and most important step to cooling the meat. Next, date and sign the carcass tag that came with your permit and attach it to the hock of the rear leg. If you printed your permit and carcass tag from a desktop computer, you’ll want to enclose the tag in a sealable plastic bag to protect it and use a zip-tie to affix it to the leg.

Regulation requires validating and attaching your carcass tag before moving the deer from the kill site, and deer taken with an antlerless-only permit must be transported with the head attached to the carcass to verify antlerless status.

However, when temperatures are warm or if you will be transporting your deer a considerable distance, you may opt to bone …Read the Rest

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