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By John Crump

Kaitlin Bennett Ar10 Kent State
Kaitlin Bennett Ar10 Kent State

Kent State University-( Kaitlin Bennett, the Kent State graduate, who made national headlines by posting a picture of herself with her AR-10 and a graduation cap that bore the pro-gun phrase “Come and Take It”, is returning to campus.

On Saturday, September 29th, Bennett will be hosting an open carry rally on Risman Plaza on the campus of Kent State University. The Liberty Hangout will be hosting speakers and live streaming the event to the people who could not make the rally.

Instead of asking for a “safe space” for the event, the rallies organizers are inviting those that disagree with them to attend the rally. One of the goals of the rally is to provide a space for civil discourse and discussions between the pro-gun and anti-gun advocates. Through an exchange of ideas, the organizers want to bring people together.

The rally will also show that gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are not willing to trade their rights away for a false sense of safety. The organizers believe that any new gun regulations would be mostly ineffective in combatting violence. These laws make us less safe rather than protect us from those that wish …Read the Rest

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