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By Ammoland

Jurors Find Donald Hayes Not Guilty In 'Road Rage' Murder Trial

Bob Irwin dissects the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. What went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

Jurors Find Donald Hayes Not Guilty In ‘Road Rage’ Murder Trial
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( WDRB-TV 41 in Louisville, Kentucky reports this week (5/19/2016) a 67 year old man was charged with murder for shooting another during a road rage incident in June of 2014.

It started when the defendant and a 57 year old man allegedly cut each other off in traffic on the Watterson Expressway. When they exited onto Poplar Level Road, that’s when things escalated. The defendant testified that he shot in self-defense after the other driver smashed his driver’s window with a baseball bat.

The 57 year old died as a result of his wounds. After deliberating for about two hours, the defendant was found not guilty.

In a statement to the media the defense attorney said, “He (our client) is doing very well. It’s a huge relief for all of us. It’s a huge relief. Our condolences still go out …Read the Rest

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