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Let’s face it, shooting the same bullseye or grid targets over and over again can get boring. Here’s a unique set of Playing Card Targets, courtesy of the NRA. With very cool graphics and a page-filling design, these eye-catching targets can work both indoors and outdoors.
At 100 yards, these are fun scoped rifle targets — you can aim at the small circles or dots on each target. Indoors, with a pistol, just aim for the larger graphic elements, such as the red hearts or black diamonds. If you have access to a color printer, these targets look great.
The NRA Blog published this nice set of super-sized playing card targets. These boast a variety of aiming points (large and small) so they work well for rifles as well as pistols. On the Queen of Diamonds, aim for the large bull-style designs in the “red zone” or aim for the smaller dots on the periphery. For a real challenge, try to shoot each one of the 26 small red diamonds in the curved, central white stripes.
On the Five of Clubs target, you can aim for the smaller club symbols, or shoot for the orange, purple, and green “dripping paint” bulls in the

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