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By Bob Owens

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s aide Carey Gabay died last night. He was an innocent bystander when rival gang members in New York City decided to settle their differences with weapons instead of words. The bullet that struck Gabay reportedly came from an illegal MAC-10 submachine gun. The suspects remain at large, and the weapons involved have not been recovered.

Perhaps we shouldn’t consider it surprising in the slightest that a journalist friend of Gabay’s, Farah Stockman, learned precisely nothing of value from Gabay’s death. Instead, she’s using the murder to try to get the left-wing, anti-police group Black Lives Matter to take up a cause they have no interest in supporting, gun control.

I applaud the Black Lives Matter movement for calling attention to the festering problem of police shootings, which have taken the lives of 980 Americans this year, including at least 74 unarmed black people.

But I don’t understand why gun control is not on their agenda. The recently-released Campaign Zero, set up by Black Lives Matter activists, presents 10 policy solutions — including better training, body cameras, limits on the use of force, and independent investigations of police killings — to curb the violence. Good on …read more

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