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By Chris Eger

After a six-year hiatus, Jesse Pinkman, the flawed moral compass of Breaking Bad, has a new film, El Camino, and it has some peculiar firearm choices.
The fictional former cooking partner and student of Walter White picks up where he left off in the franchise, centered in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, in an epilogue to the series that so far has seen good reviews.
Coming on the heels of a crime drama that had so many iconic firearms– and left everyone wanting a push-button surprise M60 in the trunk– you know there had to be some interesting hardware in writer/director Vince Gilligan’s follow up installment. Warning, there be spoilers ahead.
Ruger P-series
Ruger’s P-series pistols were extremely popular and common throughout the 1980s and 1990s. (Photo: Richard Taylor/
Coming away with the just clothes on his back, a lot of bad memories, and a sweet Chevy coupé utility vehicle, Jesse also manages to beat feet from the compound where he was held prisoner with a little insurance in the form of a Ruger P-series double-action pistol. A 1980s/90s classic, Bill Ruger introduced the Ruger P-85 in a bid to replace the U.S. Army’s M1911 only to lose out to the Beretta 92/M9. Although the Army


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