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By Ammoland

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Jeff Knox Interview: Are We Losing Or Winning The 2A Battle?

USA – -( Jeff Knox and I had a chance to spend some time together at the 2019 Shot Show. It was a frank and honest conversation about our views of the NRA, the battle for our RKBA and its future.

I believe Jeff loves the NRA; he grew up there. At his father’s heels, he was part of most of the significant changes in the ’80s that formed the modern NRA.

Also, I think he is too close to the NRA and his families involvement to be objective. He watched as his father fell from favor and was later blacklisted by the NRA. Did the NRA do him wrong? Probably, but boards and administrations have politics, and sometimes people get hurt. You cannot undo the past.

Jeff, Thank you for the time this morning. I’d like to ask you a few questions and end with .. solutions to the issues we see regarding the NRA.

Most of us have the impression our voices fall on deaf ears at the NRA. I know only 7% of applicable people vote. What can the NRA do to solve this problem, and listen to their …Read the Rest

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