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By gunwriter Some shooters just don’t get it, probably because they spend too much time shooting from the bench. From the standpoint of practical rifle shooting, the bench rest has no place. You can easily manage a bad trigger from the bench because 90 % of your concentration in on the trigger and only 10% on the sight picture. When you’re shooting off-hand the exact opposite is true. 90% of your focus is on sight alignment and only about 10% on the trigger. Why did you miss that big buck? Very likely because your trigger sucks! Who cares how it shot from the bench? What matters in the field is how you shoot your rifle from various positions. Like Gunsite Academy Jeff Cooper often wrote, “The most essential element of the “shootability” of rife or pistol is its trigger action.” I conducted a test to see how much difference a good trigger could make. I started with a box stock Remington 700 with a trigger that broke reasonably clean at 5.25 pounds. First I fired three, three-shot groups from the bench at 100 yards. Then, I fired three shots from the standing, three shots from the kneeling, and three shots from the …Read the Rest

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