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Chances of finding a golden lobster are thought to be just one in five million

Fisherman off the coast of Scotland really did strike gold as they defied odds of one in five million to pull a rare golden lobster out of the sea.

Eddie Dougal caught the unusual crustacean off the coast of Scotland near Dunbar and knew instantly that this one was not destined for the boiling pot.

The odds of finding a lobster with such incredible colouring is believed to be one in five million so it is now amazing crowds at Deep Sea World in Fife.

Michael Morris, from the aquarium, said: ‘No-one is entirely sure why these sort of colour changes happen in individual crustaceans.

‘It may be some kind of genetic mutation or a reaction to some kind of outside stimulus.

‘We also don’t know if the colouration will stay the same when the lobster eventually moults or whether it will revert back to a normal blue colour.’

Aquarium bosses said the lobster appears to be in excellent condition. It will stay in a quarantine area for the next few days before being released into one of the native marine displays.

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