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By Ammoland

The Gun Collective

The Gun Collective

USA – -( Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we are talking about how gunsmiths might not have to pay huge fees to the government.

Are you concerned about the NRA and the direction it’s heading? Want to ensure someone who represents your interests sits on the Board of Directors? If you are a NRA life member, an annual member for the past five years, or know someone who is, hurry on over to to get a petition to place me on the ballot for the NRA Board of Directors in 2018. Time is running out, so act fast!

Guys, I know you really want to hear about the SHARE Act and we’ll dig into that next week, so be sure to subscribe to see that video. Now, today’s topic… Earlier in September, the Defense Trade Advisory Group or DTAG held a public meeting with the Department of State where a variety of topics were to be discussed. DTAG is comprised of a number of members …Read the Rest

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