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By Chris Eger

Othais and Mae over at C&Rsenal take a look at the “most over-engineered, underpowered handgun of the war” — the 9mm Glisenti pistol.
Designed by Bethel Abiel Revelli and produced by Societa Siderugica Glisenti to replace the 10.35mm Bodeo Model 1889 revolver, this semi-auto 7-shot pistol was designed originally for a 7.62x22mm bottleneck round similar to those used in the Broomhandle Mauser but eventually morphed into the downright anemic 9mm Glisenti chambering, just in time for World War I.
This oddball blowback was eventually phased out by much nicer Beretta designs, but some did soldier on into WWII in both military and partisan units.
And, in the above video, Othais breaks it down in fine detail, while Mae gives it some range time to the hits from old Italia.
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