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By Tactical-Life

On March 31, 2008, deputies from the Richland County Sheriff’s Office approached the hilltop conclave of the perpetually disgruntled Robert Bayliss to deliver a simple civil process.

They had hoped to serve the recluse, when he came to town, knowing that he was heavily armed, but the survivalist had not left his home all winter. The process resulted from his refusal to pay property taxes since 2000.

Before the deputies even reached the Bayliss property line, Bayliss fired 15 rounds from a high-powered rifle at them, sending the deputies scampering for cover. Thus began one of the most prolific law enforcement gun battles in Wisconsin history since the Purvis-Dillinger bout of 1934 at Little Bohemia.

In an effort to break the stalemate, a Richland County deputy who had established a rapport with the angry loner over the years hopped into the front passenger seat of a BearCat armored vehicle. The deputy planned on establishing contact with Bayliss to convince him to come out peacefully. As the BearCat rumbled toward the bunker, Bayliss fired his high-powered rifle and the round struck the window of the BearCat directly in front of the face of the …read more

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