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attack in jerusalem ends when police shoot 3 palestinian terrorists

3 Palestinian terrorists were shot and killed after trying to use a wide array of weapons to carry out their attack. In the process an Israeli policewoman has been killed.

The attack took place at the etrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.

According to,

The incident – at the Damascus Gate – occurred when the men were stopped and reportedly found to be armed with a least one automatic weapon, crude pipe bombs and knives, leading to suspicions that they were planning a mass-casualty attack. It was the most serious attack in the city in weeks.

Police said officers were checking ID cards when one of the suspects drew his gun and opened fire wounding two young female officers, one of whom, 19-year-old Hadar Cohen, later died. The officers opened fire and killed the three Palestinians.

The Palestinians were identified as Ahmed Rajeh Zakarneh, Mohamed Ahmed Kmail and Ahmed Alhelmi, from the town of Qabatiya, near Jenin. Israeli journalists, quoting the Shin Bet Israeli security agency, said none of the men had a prior history of violence.

“This is a combined attack, a serious attack, which was prevented by the vigilance of police at the scene,” a police spokeswoman said. One of the …Read the Rest

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